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Video guide to preparing a mango
Tips to help you to choose and ripen a mango

I’m going to show you how to prepare a mango today. It’s a really easy technique to know.

We’ve got three different types of mango here. They come from all different parts of the world throughout the year. There’s a green one here and a red and a pink hue. But don’t be fooled that the green one might not be ripe. All you need to do in the supermarket is just give it a gentle press to see if it’s tender and that indicates that it’s ripe. If you want to ripen it a little bit more you just pop it into a paper bag with a banana and that will make it ripen up a lot quicker.

How to remove the stone from a mango

You’ll see there’s a really flat side to the mango and then a thinner side to the mango. This is where the stone is in here and what we want to do is cut either side of it so you get a couple of cheeks of mango.

So you get a sharp knife and you cut, just slightly off centre. And you’ll feel it hitting the side of the stone but you want to cut as flush down the side of it as possible. Then you want to rotate it round and again just slightly off centre cut down. And then there, two bits of fleshy mango on the side like that, and again you’re going as close to the stone as possible. And that is how big the stone is in there.

Two ways to cut and prepare a mango

Then we’re going to show you a couple of techniques on how to cut it. Firstly, the hedgehog technique, where you have it in your hand and you get a very sharp knife and again you gently cut down into the flesh, nearly touching the skin and you do all of that all the way along. And then you rotate it a quarter and then you do the same again, trying to keep it evenly spaced so that you get even sized chunks as well. Then, what you want to do is turn the mango out like that and you’ll see you’ve got lots of lovely little cubes of gorgeous ripe mango.

Now this is perfect to use in lots of savoury and sweet dishes. We’ve got some lovely recipes on the website. We’ve got chargrilled chicken with a mango salsa or a prawn and mango noodle salad or we’ve got a tropical dessert as well. So there’s lots of ideas for you to click onto and see what you can do with it. So that’s the first technique.

The second one is, you can take a big serving spoon and you go in along the side and you go in between the flesh and the skin, and you just want to go round the edges a little bit and just keep making sure that you’re going right down to the bottom of the skin to get all the yummy juicy flesh out. And you’ll see that it comes out in one whole piece. This technique can be used on an avocado as well with a smaller spoon. Then you pop that onto the chopping board and you just carefully cut through it to whichever size you want, obviously if you’re doing a salsa you cut it a bit finer, into large chunks and there you have it, perfectly cut mango every time.
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