The sauce recipe 30 recipe Suki did not stop!

Hello, friends, everyone. Today, Chef Chan has suggested, there is another recipe, as always! Chef Chan intended to write recipes to friends who are interested in cooking, so as long as there is enough time, because the attending chef Chan himself, now work in cooking, it is quite the guests, I was rarely have time to write the recipe to friends. Okay, I Today, Chef Chan presented the sauce recipe is a delicious stop Suki. Bring friends, like Suki or pig kuningan thatha home shift. This recipe to make it tastier than perhaps anywhere on the market, it is because we make ourselves clean and safe and likes to taste any more of our preferences and priorities. Save over buying the sauce that is sold. For anyone who has a friend was coming to take the finished sauce may not be enough. To view the formula, the sauce was better than it is, it is not corrupted right?
Raw materials are as follows.
1. Yes, pepper sauce Select brands like
2. sugar Tin
3. white soy sauce
4. sesame oil
5. roasted sesame seeds
6. fish sauce
ึ 7. lemon juice
8. action to harness Bicol klaiat
9. chilli Cole klaiat
The process of
1. set the fire. Fill water into the pot and then Bring the sauce followed by sugar Tin Fish sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, white. Lemon juice, garlic, chili to simmer for so for the mix ratio, but people like it! Who likes Sweet Sour cooked like it like it.
2. scoop out Cup holders until then I sprinkled. Roasted pork marinated shrimp with sweet Sesame family name ba!
Yes, the sauce recipe already Suki Chef Chan hopes that friends would enjoy to eat Suki. The future chef Chan removes what recipe to fakaya forget to track thank you!
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