Mint tea cocktail


Mint Tea cocktail

If your planning a Moroccan dinner and you want to treat your friends to an aperitif and you don’t want to do the usual G and T then this will be right up your street.

And I’m going to start off by making a sweet Moroccan mint tea. So I’m going to take my green tea bags, put some boiling water over the top, add some fresh mint, put the whole sprigs in, and then quite a lot of sugar because you want to make this a really nice sweet tea. Now just give that a good stir around and then you need to leave this to infuse for about five minutes.

Now for something a little bit different to serve the drink I’m going to show you how to decorate your glass. Take a lime, roll it with your hand, right in the palm of your hand to get all those juices out of the lime, it’s a great way of getting rid of all those frustrations from the kids and from your husband and just from day to day life, and this will make it really extra juicy. You can feel it, really squashy there. Then just cut it in half, and then in half again and run one of the wedges just around the rim of a glass. Take the glass and dip it into some sugar. It’s so simple but it actually looks really special.

For making the cocktail you want to take your cocktail shaker and stick a handful of ice, some more fresh mint leaves, just tear the leaves off the stalk straight into the cocktail maker and give this a good shake and this just really brews up the leaves. Take your infused tea, just remove the mint and the tea bags, pour some of this, even though it’s still hot it’s fine, straight into your cocktail shaker. And now the best bit, the vodka. If it’s a school night maybe just go for one shot per person. If it’s the weekend, or if you’re in extra need, go for a double shot, into there. And then just a really good squeeze of lime which will really make it nice and zingy and refreshing. Lid on, now for your Tom Cruise moment, give it a really good shake.

And that is ready to pour into your beautifully prepared glass. And you want to add some extra ice, some mint and some lime just for an extra bit of garnish, and finish with some mint. Summer in a glass. 

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