Italian omelette recipe


Omelette recipe crispy

Omelette recipe crispy
1-2 eggs-eggs (at room temperature, cold damage).
-Kiphasom to find the flour a little water.
-1/2 tsp powdered Fu
-Fish sauce and a little sugar for flavor
-Oil for frying (the most delicious pork oil but vegetable oil.)
How to make the.
1. egg pegs put Bowl, followed by the flour-water mixture at Okinawa to find. Powder, fish sauce, sugar and seasoning for the (who wanted to enter "add ingredients" as well) and then hit the egg with all the ingredients together until the bubble.
2. in a pan of hot oil until waiting area and then (using a bunch of oil), remove the eggs from an omelet prepared at high down to the deep yellow and crispy on both sides and served with chili sauce fron compatible as well.
(Add ingredients when the crab, shrimp, chicken, pork chops, ham, fried egg shells, Mama. Fish, fresh chilies, corn, shallot-po, tuna etc, but it tastes!).

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