31 recipes recipes named lb fish healthy metabolism (plus recipes to make the sauce tastes three.)


Hello everyone, friends and nobody say that fish know thana is a useful low-fat and protein.
Today, Chef Chan. Apply the formula to make flaming fish come drop friends. in case anyone would like to put this recipe to make at home. หรืจะนำ to supplement income or revenue is beneficial, regardless of the evidence.

31 recipes recipes to make fish a healthy metabolism, plus three flavored dipping sauce recipe.
Raw materials are as follows.
1. the fish is Tilapia or carp or other types of fish, but what kind of fish?!
2. salt.
3. kata charms
4 Kaffir lime leaves.
5. ginger
How to do!
1. put the fish have come clean, and complete copy to pick out crumbs remove the fillings out!
2. put ginger, Kaffir lime leaf charms kata stuffed belly inserted into the fish that we prepared.
3. apply salt to make a common fish, grilled fish, grilled food, leading to fish until cooked and served two.
The formula to make the sauce seasoning ingredients. .
1 fresh lime.
2. fish sauce
3. sugar Tin
4 coriander roots.
5. garlic
6. paprika

The process of dipping sauce seasoning.

1. put chilies, coriander roots, garlic gold delivery. Cole had an Arabic details (if anyone made it using plenty of shake it.)
2. bring water, sugar and fish sauce in Tin before! All of the ingredients together. Sugar, I will be Tin, smells and taste the wind lull Jataka. This recipe chef CHAN did the shop!
3. pour all the ingredients into the prepared cups. Lemon filling into it (note that chef CHAN did not write the quantity of ingredients so that one likes sour. Like sweet, cooked as I like!)

Yes, I already do flaming fish recipes, plus a three-flavored sauce. Friends try to apply a formula that chef Chan has written. To do the show again to adjust the application of techniques based on individual in accordance. Okay, I Chef CHAN asked to cook before attending the customer into our shop and hey, if there's time, Chef Chan will write to a friend feed. Don't forget to follow!
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